Church Spire

As I came across a left over spire.

Unlimited Skies

Who said the sky is the limit?

Layered Landscape

Three cameras, one point of view.

Blue Birds

Little birds live short lifes. In a way, they are photogenic after life.

Moon Clips

How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?

Full Spectrum

Take away the hot mirror and let all the sunshine in.

Clare Strand

Negatives for Fun with Clare Strand´s Photography.

Family Album

Cut outs from the family album of my family in law.


When nurture leaves, nature takes over.

Combo Sale

A flee market on a sunday morning at Guargacho.

Las Terrazas

Plants hardly survive our rage for outlet shopping.


Reinterpreting the landscape.

Flora Umbra

Where you can look through the shadow.

Banana Rope

Growing bananas on the Canaries takes a lot of rope.


Parque nacional de Garajonay, La Gomera.