this site, my photography, writings, and some other issues

About this little website

This site does not use cookies. I just cannot be bothered about your clicking behaviour. I made the site using a template designed by TEMPLATED. It is a clean, simple, responsive, and above all fast design. Although I did tweak some in the CSS, building the site required little knowledge of html.

On this website you will find some series of my photographic work together with collages. In future I may add a selection of the paintings and other graphical works I made in earlier days. But in the end, you are allways looking at a digital representation on your uncalibrated screen. The real stuff is allways tangible. If you really want to experience something, go to an exhibition of line.

A short and humble illeism

Niek van Schie is an autonomous photographer with a professional background in horticulture and landscaping. Together with nature, these are the most important themes in his photography. Nature sometimes seems hard and indifferent, but Niek always seeks beauty and selfless wonder. His art works are often the result of a process of intervention, collaging and re-photographing. He also applies older techniques such as cyanotype. Besides making images, Niek likes to talk, write and teach about photography.

And for some other issues

You may want to follow me on Instagram, the attention seeking platform for all things visual. (Sadly mutulated by Marc et al.)

This website is legally part of the website www.nemus.nl. There you can read, in Dutch, more about conditions for use and other legal twaddle.

And thinking about about pages of personal websites made me realize they are stupid, dull and non informative. In this I succeeded.

So if you really want to learn a little more about me and the photography related things I do, then quit dreaming and get on the beam. Contact details below, thank you and have a good life.