Church Spire

As I came across a left over spire...

The church in the small village I live in had a so-called obtuse tower. The spire was removed in the late sixties of the 20th century. For reasons of safety, or better: lack of maintenance. But anyhow, in the last couple of years a group of fellow villagers has been renovating the church. Their wish was a new spire for this church. But be careful about your wishes, they may come true.

In my work I visit a lot of companies around the country of the Netherlands. So one day I was in Velserbroek and I saw a left over spire. Thinking about my fellow villagers and their project, I thought: Why not put a neo gothic spire on top of a neo roman church? They are almost of the same age (late 19th century). As a middle man I only connected the right people with each other, and so it was going to happen.

For this church with a tower obtuse they had a desire to put on top a new spire but still without any use...

The church with its spire. Photo taken by G.J. Dukker in december 1965 (courtesy Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed).

The neo gothic spire as it was waiting for a new destination for over 20 years in Velserbroek.

The church with its obtuse tower. I took this photo in february 2020 from about the same viewing point as the photo above. The tree shows off 55 years of growth.

And finally a phote taken in november 2022. The reconstruction has been done queit well.